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We are beyond grateful for Canna-Pet, because of the drops we were able to have our three babies apart of our special day! Although our three pit-mixes aren’t puppies anymore they have a ton of energy and are easily excitable. They each had their dose of the Canabis in the morning before our house was FILLED with a ton of girls getting their hair and makeup done. They were wonderful, they didn’t jump on anyone nor were they stressed when our house was packed!! And then we brought them with to be apart of our ceremony, and they were absolutely perfect! 💗 They were so polite and calm. They are never bad dogs they are just excited easily!!! But once we started to use the drops when people would be around it just helped calm them down, but doesn’t knock them out which I love!!! We always recommend your entire line to all of our friends because we have experienced such great results, and we haven’t had a friend not fall in love with them!!! Thank you so much for helping our pups be apart of our day, they are our babies so it means the world to us!!!!