Health Issues:
Scooby's Breeds:

What a difference Canna-Pet has made in my senior dog’s life. Scooby was diagnosed with a brain tumor in June 2016, a month later he was diabetic and fully blind, and had his first seizure in September 2016. Scooby began night time barking about 7 months ago – barking 2-3 hours each night. I tried a couple of different products, which didn’t help. I started Scooby on Canna-Pet five months ago. His barking at night is now minimal. Another huge benefit is that his seizures have reduced dramatically. He’s had 13 seizures in 10 months – but in the last 5 months, he’s only had 2!
I never thought we would be celebrating his 13th birthday on July 25th, but I truly believe Canna-Pet has helped give him quality of life. Thank you!