Health Issues:
Azita's Breeds:

I adopted Azita, a Siberian husky, through a rescue organization. She had been brought into the US from overseas with deformed back legs and was unable to stand successfully. I have a farm on the Eastern Shore so it is easier for her to be on a soft surface. She also has the companionship of three other rescue huskies, one rescue Shepherd mix and one rescue Appenfinscher look alike. Despite her legs, she can get around like the wind! Those legs just don’t stop her one little bit. She does have one quirk. She gets very nervous at times and will lash out at the other dogs. They are surprisingly tolerant, but everyone has their limits. My vet suggested Canna Pet. I got the Canna Pet advanced capsules, and after two weeks, decided they were doing no good at all. However, I persevered since I had a month’s supply and a week later, I could see she was considerably calmer. They have proved to be an absolute godsend. She is definitely a calmer, happier dog with a much better attitude. I would not have believed the difference this product could make. I am so glad I persevered. I certainly don’t plan on her being without it in the future. Customer service at Canna pet is also first rate!! An added bonus!