Health Issues:
Lola's Breeds:

We run a Bulldog rescue in Southern Oregon and typically have several older dogs in hospice care. Last year we brought a 12 year old girl into our family thinking that she was a miracle to be alive on that day. Lola’s eyes were cloudy from glaucoma, she was underweight, she could hardly move from joint pain and was suffering from a mammary tumor the size of an egg. We tried everything that traditional vet medicine had including anti-inflammatories and pain medications without any good relief. A rescue friend suggested that we try Canna-Pet and sent us the link. We figured that it might help some to keep her comfortable when added to her regimen of pain meds and anti-inflammatories. We started her in July of last year and within the month she was moving easier and eating better. After the next month her eyes began to clear up and she was playing for the first time. In October she went in for a check up and her vet noticed that her tumor had shrunk from the size of an egg to the size of a gumball. We had slowly decreased her traditional meds during this time to just an occasional pain pill if she over exerted herself and she was doing great.We have continued Lola on her Canna-Pet Advanced Large capsules and she has continued to enjoy a happy, healthier life. On March 4th we celebrated her 13th birthday which is virtually unheard of in a bulldog, especially a rescue who was living on the streets for many years. Canna-Pet has been a huge part in this happy life and we will continue to use it as long as we are blessed to have Lola with us.