Health Issues:
Bandit's Breeds:

This is Chief, A 6 month old puppy, but he is learning from a very old Great Pyrenees, Bandit, 14, who has had such great relief from Canna-Pet, but also from Princess, a 5 year old with a rare form of Canine Sarcoma. She also gets great relief from Canna-Pet CBD pills and the drops. We have been customers for a long time and will continue to be as the products just work. Chief is benefiting from the learning from elders and will himself one day be using the product as he is 6 months old and already 85 lbs and will top out at ~200!! Having 4 of these wonderful bears, and having been watchful enough to have my last 4 live to at least 14, I can say the quality of life has been extended very well by the Canna-Pet supplies.