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Anxiety Bulldog

Since I’ve been using Canna pet for my Bulldog BooBoo, he has calmed some from his extreme obsession with his ball.

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Bailey was having small seizures several mornings a week and would pace at night. After about 6 weeks on Cannapet capsules she has had one small seizure in the past month.

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My 12 year old Brittany rescue has arthritis in his hips which has made his daily walks less enjoyable than usual. I have been using Canna Pet products since March and have noticed a difference in Roscoe. I believe his walks are better due to using your products, so thank you for that.

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Separation Anxiety

Our dog Cosmo is deaf and has severe separation anxiety. Since we began giving him 2 canna biscuits per day, his symptoms have greatly subsided.

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Anxiety, Arthritis Labrador Retriever

My 12 year black lab, Bodie suffers from anxiety and arthritis. I ordered the biscuits (Bodie loves the peanut butter flavor) and the Canna-Pet Advanced capsules, I noticed immediate results. He is now calm and when he does experience pain from arthritis I give him a capsule before bedtime and he sleeps all night.

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Anxiety, Arthritis, Senior/Geriatric Labrador Retriever, Mixed

Harmony is my rescued lab mix that we adopted as a puppy on our honeymoon. She’s now 13 & has been being treated for arthritis and anxiety for 4 years. What a HUGE difference it’s made for my girl. It’s been about 2 months now, she’s way calmer, moves much better, gets up on her own and likes to play with her toys again, she doesn’t sundown at night or pant much anymore, she enjoys her walks again and wants to walk much further, and her appetite is back!

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Epilepsy Siberian Husky

Yukon is a 7 year old Siberian husky. He was diagnosed with epilepsy at 1 1/2 years of age. I started him on the biscuits and after a year he has been seizure free for almost 5 months!

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fear of fireworks, Thunderstorm Anxiety Border Collie

I’ve been using Canna-biscuits for 4 years and they work every time. She’s still a bit anxious, but doesn’t shake, doesn’t try to climb all over me. I think the best description of what it helps her do is self-regulate.

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Idiopathic Vestibular Syndrome Golden Retriever

Last year about this time, Jasmine was diagnosed with a bleeding splenic mass. While she was in the hospital recovering I made sure they gave her the Canna Pet, in fact her Dr. Doubled her dose. Moving ahead a month after surgery she had idiopathic vestibular disease. She couldn’t walk for 2 weeks. She came through all while giving her Canna Pet.

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Anxiety, Shivering American Pit Bull Terrier, Mixed

His energy is back. His skin doesn’t shiver when I touch his hind legs. He’s running again. Thank you Canna-pet! I’m hoping it continues to improve but am so grateful for his happiness now.

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Mobility Issues

In 2010 he was hit by a car and has a bum shoulder. This limits his ability to walk. I wanted to try this and it took a couple of weeks but he can now walk more comfortably and further.

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Breast Cancer

Kes was diagnosed with mammary cancer in September 2018, she has been on canna pet advanced for small dogs since then.

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Arthritis, Bone Cancer

A friend told me about Canna-pet biscuits back in Dec because Rock has shoulder and elbow arthritis. Then in Feb he was diagnosed with bone cancer so I added the Advanced capsules. I really think Canna-pet products have helped him stay comfortable, and also helps keep his appetite up which is key to optimal health.

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Showing 361 – 384 of 1228 Testimonials