Health Issues:
  • Idiopathic Vestibular Syndrome
Jasmine's Breeds:

I want to share a story about Jasmine. Last year about this time, Jasmine was diagnosed with a bleeding splenic mass. She went to surgery, I work for the specialists that diagnosed her and did surgery. I was able to be in the OR with her, for fear we would have to euthanize her on the table if it was Hemangiosarcoma. She is a Golden and that is prominent in their breed. The surgeon felt it was but I insisted we send it for histopath to be sure. It came back benign…imagine how happy we all were. That same week we had 4 dogs come in with same symptoms, all came back with Hemangiosarcoma. While she was in the hospital recovering, I made sure they gave her the Canna Pet. In fact her Dr. Doubled her dose. Moving ahead a month after surgery, she had idiopathic vestibular disease. She couldn’t walk for 2 weeks. She came through all while giving her Canna Pet. She has been well since then and being a 13 year old Golden, I am doing as much as I can to keep her comfortable as long as I can. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

Kim & Jasmine