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mobility issues, Senior/Geriatric

Seemed to help our senior dog. Enough so that we have continued to purchase this product to help with her quality of life.

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Coughing, Tracheal Collapse Chihuahua

I use Canna Pet capsules for Lucky, my Chihuahua who has been diagnosed with collapsed trachea issues. She recommends using the Canna Pet CBD with her clients.

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Cat Arthritis, Lethargy

My 18 yr. old kitty’s health had started to decline a year ago. She was lethargic, had no appetite (she used to run for her dinner). After 1 month of Canna Pet she was running to dinner again. LOVE this product!

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Back Problems, Dementia

Canna Pet has really helped his weak back end. (He is 15!) But more than that, he is getting doggie dementia and poops in the house though he has always used his dog door. Since starting on Canna-Pet, he has stopped pooping inside and appears more alert.

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Love canna-pet dog biscuits. My dog is an old man and he sometimes will go on hunger strikes. I’ve found that with just 1 bone, he ends up eating his food within an hour or 2!!

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Diabetes, Glaucoma Beagle, Mixed

My beagle mix Odie, is almost 13 years old and after developing diabetes last May, he soon after went blind with cataracts. Last september, he developed Glaucoma, which is very painful for dogs. I started giving him the canna pet advancedMax twice a day a few weeks after his diagnosis. It has been 10 months and he has maintained normal eye pressure the entire time.

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Cat Arthritis, Kidney Failure

Our old cat, Zeus, has chronic kidney failure. He was losing his appetite, getting dehydrated, not sleeping well and vomiting more. After we began giving him a divided dose of Canna-Pet capsules (1/2 in wet food in the morning and again at night) all of that changed.

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Cat Anxiety, Cat Diabetes

This is my girl, Lunabelle for long. She was a hard to place adoption because she has diabetes and had been through multiple homes already, apparently developing more and more anxiety. But the Canna-Pet did the trick! and even better is that I only give her about a 1/4 to a 1/3 of the small pet capsule per day. Not only did she stop attacking the other cat, but she became playful at times and will sometimes even sit on my lap!

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Allergies, Lethargy, Tumors, Weakness Labrador Retriever

My dog Ollie, a 9 year old Lab got really sick and remained so for 6 months in 2018. Canna-pet seemed to be a leader in this treatment and we ordered Canna-Pet Advanced. His tumors went down and his rash went away and now, mid 2019 he is back to walking 2 miles every morning, sometimes he seems like a puppy again.

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Anxiety, Bone Pain, Senior/Geriatric

Since starting Farva on Canna-Pet, we’ve really noticed some positive changes. Mainly, after waking up or running around, he doesn’t limp around quite as much as he used to before we started him on the capsules.

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Arrhythmia, Breathing Difficulties Basset Hound

Snoopy was diagnosed with an arrhythmia and decreased respiratory functioning 2 years ago. She lost her sisters in 2018 and both of us got very depressed. I increased her CBD dosage to 3 times per day. And I got 2 adult bassets from a good friend and then a basset puppy. We are all very happy and the house is howling again.

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Anxiety, Arthritis, Senior/Geriatric Labrador Retriever, Mixed

Harmony is my rescued lab mix that we adopted as a puppy on our honeymoon. She’s now 13 & has been being treated for arthritis and anxiety for 4 years. What a HUGE difference it’s made for my girl. It’s been about 2 months now, she’s way calmer, moves much better, gets up on her own and likes to play with her toys again, she doesn’t sundown at night or pant much anymore, she enjoys her walks again and wants to walk much further, and her appetite is back!

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Incontinence Jack Russell Terrier

My 16-year-old Jack Russel, Einstein, was feeling poorly and started peeing in the house at night. Once our vet started him on canna-pet, he brightened up and has been able to get through the night – mostly – again.

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Simple google search and I found CannaPet. We’ve been using the biscuits as a treat and noticed her limping and “popping” dropped significantly.

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Aging, Anxiety, Senior/Geriatric Toy Poodle

My 16 yr old toy poodle has had anxiety all his life. He’s now blind and anxiety is worse than ever. He has issues with a collapsed trachea and wheezes terribly. Iv used Canna Pet for awhile now (tried all products except oils at this point).. they have all been outstanding products!!!

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