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Arrhythmia, Breathing Difficulties Basset Hound

Snoopy was diagnosed with an arrhythmia and decreased respiratory functioning 2 years ago. She lost her sisters in 2018 and both of us got very depressed. I increased her CBD dosage to 3 times per day. And I got 2 adult bassets from a good friend and then a basset puppy. We are all very happy and the house is howling again.

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Anxiety, Arthritis, Senior/Geriatric Labrador Retriever, Mixed

Harmony is my rescued lab mix that we adopted as a puppy on our honeymoon. She’s now 13 & has been being treated for arthritis and anxiety for 4 years. What a HUGE difference it’s made for my girl. It’s been about 2 months now, she’s way calmer, moves much better, gets up on her own and likes to play with her toys again, she doesn’t sundown at night or pant much anymore, she enjoys her walks again and wants to walk much further, and her appetite is back!

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Incontinence Jack Russell Terrier

My 16-year-old Jack Russel, Einstein, was feeling poorly and started peeing in the house at night. Once our vet started him on canna-pet, he brightened up and has been able to get through the night – mostly – again.

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Simple google search and I found CannaPet. We’ve been using the biscuits as a treat and noticed her limping and “popping” dropped significantly.

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Aging, Anxiety, Senior/Geriatric Toy Poodle

My 16 yr old toy poodle has had anxiety all his life. He’s now blind and anxiety is worse than ever. He has issues with a collapsed trachea and wheezes terribly. Iv used Canna Pet for awhile now (tried all products except oils at this point).. they have all been outstanding products!!!

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He’s been not doing so good lately due to old age and has been feeling a lot better since I’ve been using canna-pet.

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Diabetes Jack Russell Terrier

Our dog Jimi is 14, diabetic and his eye sight is declining to the point where he is afraid to go down the steps and out to the garage. We have bought these treats in the past at a store up town and decided it was time to order some more. It helps so much with his anxiety.

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Arthritis, Kidney Disease

I tried Canna Pet for my 19 year old cat for the first time last month. Gizmo was in a lot of pain from arthritis and also had stomach problems because he has chronic kidney disease. It has done wonders for him.

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Aging, Glaucoma Chow Chow

A friend referred me to Canna-Pet. We’ve been using the Advanced Max CBD drops along with her prescribed eye drops for a few months now and her pressures are under control!

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Arthritis, Cushing's Disease, Joint Pain, Pain Tibetan Mastiff

Gryphon has cushings disease and severe arthritis, due to the medication he is on we could not give him any pain relief meds, so on the advice of Tibetan Mastiff rescue we started him on Canna-Pet capsules. Wow, what a difference, we have our boy back, its like having a 3 year old dog.

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Neurological Decline

She started having some kind of undiagnosed short fits about a year ago. We tried melatonin, valerian, Bach Flower Remedy, Canna-Pet works the best!

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