Max's Breeds:

This is my dog Max. We live in TN. Max is 10 years old today and has been diagnosed with severe arthritis and hypothyroidism. Yesterday we had an Oncology consult for several tumors that have appeared in the last few months. This was our second visit with the oncologist…two years ago, Max had several tumors that looked suspiciously like malignant melanomas and a large lipoma removed. The suspicious tumors did come back from pathology as benign thankfully. This visit found the arthritis to be localized to his elbows, a very large lipoma buried deep in his left rear leg in between two muscles that has been causing him a great deal of pain, and several other lipomas and fatty tumors that will be removed soon. With everything going on, and his existing hypothyroidism and arthritis, he has been in a great deal of pain for many months. We have added and adjusted several medications to control the pain, but the consistent and first choice for us was CBD from Canna-Pet. Canna-Pet came highly recommended by my vet (who does not make recommendations lightly until she has heavily researched the product). Canna-Pet’s products have made a huge difference for Max. We started with the biscuits, then moved to the capsules and oil. We have gotten a better result with the oil and capsules in my opinion, but different products work better than others for different people and different pets. My dealings with this company have been nothing short of amazing. I had a problem with receiving the package on time with the post office, contacted Canna-Pet, and was contacted within 2 hours by an admin representative of the company. The generosity of their response to my issue brought tears to my eyes. I had simply asked if they could contact the post office about the delay. They were concerned that Max was having to deal with gaps in receiving his medication. No company I’ve dealt with has ever been concerned with the well-being of my Max. I don’t have children. I’ve raised Max since I brought him home on Valentine’s Day in 2010 at 8 weeks. He’s been my heart ever since. At 10 years old, I realize we’re on borrowed time (he’s a 156 lb Rottweiler). Their life span usually does not extend this far, but I’ve tried all of his life to make sure he receives nothing but the very best I can provide. Canna-Pet has become a very big part of that. We truly appreciate everything this company offers, both in product and in customer service. They have my loyalty.