Bruiser's Breeds:

This is Bruiser. He is a Chihuahua/Pug mix and is 16 years young. About three years ago he started going downhill pretty fast and was having a lot of pain and other issues. They diagnosed some liver problems and arthritis. So instead of putting him on a lot of heavy pharmaceutical medication I opted to change his diet and add Canna Pet to his routine. Within a month he had made a huge turnaround. He was obviously having less pain was more active and playful and back to my happy guy I knew and loved. He is slowing down some with his age and can’t hear or see well but he is still feisty and fairly active and I attribute a lot of this to Canna Pet. I tell everyone about the Canna Pet products. I use the small capsules once or twice a day and the biscuits for supplementing & treats. Thank you for making a safe, natural alternative that I can trust.