Health Issues:

Tug is about 7 1/2 years old, and he’s indoors with 4 other kitties. Having always been a robust eater, he slowed down over several weeks, then suddenly would not eat at all. It didn’t take long before he was requiring IV fluids from the vet. Battery of tests, all system diagnostics very normal, but after expensive prescriptions, seemingly making it worse, we started Canna-Pet as soon as he was finished with meds. We live in a state where vets cannot even speak about the use of this product, which is really sad. I started him on Canna-Pet, borrowed from his brother Newman’s stash, giving it to him an hour or two before mealtime. He began eating right away. When I’ve missed the timing, he wouldn’t eat. We still don’t know what’s gone wrong, but he can’t heal if he won’t eat! He’s always been a high strung kitty, and this has also calmed him down; i.e., when the giant dog runs by unexpectedly, he no longer freaks out. That certainly helps too! We have confidence Canna-Pet will continue to get him through this 🙂