Health Issues:
Penelope's Breeds:

My nearly 16-year-old bearded collie Penelope was diagnosed With hemangiosarcoma six months ago. She was lethargic, had trouble getting up and moving, and we began our goodbyes. A friend suggested canna pet biscuits in along with some Chinese herbs. i’m happy to say my girl is still hanging in there and actually going pretty strong for her age. A side benefit of the biscuits is she does take an anti inflammatory ( like Rimadyl) Daily. She’s a terrible pill taker and will spit a pill out of anything soft that it’s buried in. She loves the canna biscuits, so I put a dollop of cheese whiz, and hide the pill and She gobbles the whole thing down. She can’t tell the crunchiness in the pill from the crunchiness In the cookie. I’m thrilled