My Old English Bulldog, Mocha (3 years old) was misdiagnosed with DM when she was 10 months old when she was suddenly lame in her rear quarters. Her hind was incredibly weak and wobbly which made it difficult, if not impossible to run, jump or climb stairs and would have a lot of accidents in the house, it was like she didn’t even know she was peeing. I was on a mission to help my baby girl. After countless hours of research, talking to others with OEB’s and my breeder I felt the best treatment was CBD/hemp. Countless more hours to find the right company led me to Canna-Pet.I placed my first order a little less than a year ago, the 3 sample pack of biscuits. mocha LOVED them. One in the morning and one at night did the trick, mostly. She still couldn’t jump but saw a remarkable improvement in all other areas. Fast forward to a month ago. A woman in my Bully group has a friend that makes CBD infused peanut butter. I decided to give that a try. $85.00 for a months supply and I saw NO difference. I carefully followed directions and after 2 weeks even gave her more than instructed. Still no change. Today was the final draw for me. Mocha was on my bed and peed and not knowing she had peed, laid in it. I cleaned her up, changed my bedding and ordered the biscuits AND the capsules! In addition to Mocha, I’m lucky enough to have adopted her mama Liberty, who has horrible separation anxiety! When we are all gone for the day she pees everywhere and just about looses her mind when we get home. My son was gone overnight and wouldn’t leave his bedroom, even to eat! Much like Mocha, the PB is doing nothing for her! Never again will I be without the biscuits!!! Thank you Canni-Pet!