Tiny Tim

Health Issues:

My dog, Tiny Tim (T.T) is now 15 years old. We rescued him at 6 weeks old. I was told he was the runt of his litter. At about 6 months old he got very I’ll with a blockage between his stomach and intestine. He survived. He is a great joy to our lives. He would sit and let my boys read to him when they were young. As he has started to slow down with arthritis, our vet said it’s hospice time, make him comfortable. I’ve heard and read about CBD oils. So, I ordered Canna Pet CBD biscuits. I am in awl at what a difference these biscuits have made. He is getting up from his bed, walking outside without assistance. I truly believe in this product and it has prolonged his life and eased his arthritis pain. I love Canna Pet! Sincerely, Susan Nickelson