Health Issues:

We discovered a lump on Bella right rear leg. Took her to her Dr. We set her for surgery to remove lump. Sent it in for biopsy. It was Soft Tissue Sarcoma (Cancer). About two weeks later we noticed another lump just a little up from the first one on the same leg. The veterinarian discussed with us her views on the cancer. She told us we should think about taking off her rear leg. Bella is a very busy dog! She plays catch and chases her rope bones! We just couldn’t at this time take her leg. She went in and removed the second lump. It wasn’t cancer! Just a tissue growth! How relieved we were. I started researching cbd. Found on your website we ordered cbd biscuits. She’s been on them since August of 2018, and we’ve seen no reaccurance. She’s a happy healthy girl!! She plays and plays . We’ll keep her on the biscuits as they are helping kill the cancer cells.