Health Issues:

Ink was one of twelve puppies left to die in a box found by animal control. He was the runt and nearly died after only a week. With twelve dogs, feeding time was a bit of a frenzy. Ink would get pushed to the back of the line. He wasn’t getting enough to eat or drink. He got bottle fed, grew strong and made it through with the heart of a lion! We adopted him. This was one foster we couldn’t let go. A year later Ink was in the ER with what we know now is canine epilepsy. After clusters of seizures he was put on medication. Not too long after Canna-Pet was added. We are hoping one day he won’t need the medication at all but for now adding the Canna-Pet seems to have helped with the severity of the seizures. He takes it twice a day and with his last seizure we actually put a few drops directly into his mouth to see if it would help. While we are still new to Canna-Pet it seems to help. Plus, the way I see it. It’s not hurting him. We have started giving it to our four elder pets also. Xavier, 14. Logan, 13. Pixie, 11. Mystique, 10. Mostly to help with pain and mobility. I’m pleased with the results so far and plan on continuing to use it.