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I started using Canna-Pet hemp oil on a friend’s advice. My 10yr old Shih-Tzu had an inflamed optic nerve and the sight was gone in his left eye. There was swelling and the doctor put him on steroids. I didn’t like the way my reacted on steroids. So when they were done, I knew I needed a different direction to go in. I spoke to my friend, who is the groomer, and she told me that she had put her dog on Canna-Pet. Her results were more than she could have dreamed! When she gave me a website , I immediately ordered your product. Sulley has been on Canna-Pet oil now for a month. The results have been amazing! He has not regained his sight, however, the swelling has gone down significantly. It also has had a calming affect on his fear of thunder during storms. We went through Hurricane Irma just last week and he came through like a champ! Now THAT is an amazing feat unto itself! Sulley is most definitely my child. Whatever it takes to keep him healthy, I will use. Your product has been a godsend! Thank you Canna-Pet for prolonging my baby’s time with me!