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My beloved Belgian Malinois Simba has been on Canna-Pet for 90 days now and it has helped so much. He is nearly 13 years old and has been suffering from severe anxiety for a year now. It started gradually and increased in severity slowly, but surely. At first I thought it was dementia and I tried Prozac and then anipryl and lots of supplements too. Simultaneously he also tore his ACL, but he is too old to have the operation (he had the other leg down 2 years ago with no problem). So we weren’t sure if the pain alone was causing the anxiety or what. Anyway, I’ve tried everything after 2 vets/behaviorists. He has laser regularly, 2 pain pills and 2 anti-depressants (and various supplements). I still have him on his meds, but I’ve been able to lower the dosage (of the Prozac primarily) and add the Canna-Pet. He is in the best state he’s been in. I am trying to make him as comfortable as possible before I am forced to put him down which will probably be within the next month — short of a miracle. I’m grateful for the advanced formula. I had tried other hemp biscuit product before and they didn’t seem to work (and they are expensive). But this has made him less anxious for sure.