Shadow's Breeds:

Shadow was rescued from a kill shelter, and was going to be put down the following morning due to the shelter being at capacity. Shadow had a rough 6 years of her life. She was terrified of everything, she had severe flea allergies that were untreated and left her bald on her backside. She had never had a loving home. Until now. After giving her a second chance at life- we found at that she has separation anxiety and was literally eating the walls when I left her alone. She was terrified of any noise and thunderstorm, and the poor girl was clawing and eating doors. I ordered canna pet and after the first few days, I was SO ecstatic that it was working. She smiles all the time, her anxiety is gone, and my home (and her!) are safe when I’m away. No more destruction, she’s comfortable and this has changed her life! Two pics to the right (top and bottom) are day one. Other are current, 2 months after adoption.