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Jack, my 10.5 year old American Staffordshire Terrier had a grand mal seizure out of the blue in May of this year, no warning, no known illness other than his brush with kidney/liver failure brought on by taking Vetprofin (it is a rare, but known side-effect), that he had recovered from years earlier… the seizure was so incredibly scary! I didn’t rush to the vet, much to the surprise of family and friends but I did a lot of research. I decided that maybe it was a fluke, something he’d eaten he shouldn’t have maybe it wouldn’t happen again. Five weeks later, it did happen again, just as severe, and this time in the middle of the night. In the morning I called the vet and took him in, they did blood work, they commented on how spry and healthy he looked and acted for a dog his age. The option of giving him phenobarbital to control the seizures was discussed, but even the vet said, it would most likely really dull his personality. The next day the news came in, his liver and kidney numbers were up again, there might be a tumor (or not), it could just be due to age (or not) basically, we really don’t know. I wanted to start right back on the holistic “canine hepatic support powder” that saved him years earlier, thinking that the kidney/liver issue was most likely the cause of the seizures… but this vet didn’t think much of the product, even though he’d admittedly never heard of it before either… <sigh>. This vet wanted him to take SAM-e, & Lactalose, and continue on the Vitamin e, and Milk Thistle. After discussing with friends who also had dogs with seizures I was highly encouraged to consider hemp, so I again took to my computer and do some research, this is when I came across Canna-Pet, that was in June, a full three months ago since my first order, and a full three months without a single seizure. I had discussed this option with the vet as well, he didn’t encourage or discourage it, he said he just didn’t believe it would really have any effect one way or another… He was wrong, I have now told him he was wrong, and I have introduced him to Canna-Pet’s website! As a side note: I took Jack off the SAM-e, and the Lactalose, which I saw no improvement with, and in fact saw further decline to the point he was having to wear diapers at night for heavy bladder leakage, and put him back on the holistic “Canine Hepatic Support Powder”… Jack now has FULL CONTROL of his bladder, and not a seizure in MONTHS! Thank you Canna-Pet for your part in giving my boy his best life!