Sasha's Breeds:

She suffers from: mast cell tumors, aging, arthritis, and anxiety. 2 months ago, we had to have the conversation if we should start getting prepared for putting her down. She was deteriorating right before my very eyes, she didn’t want to eat, go outside, she was in pain, and my heart was breaking, I literally did not know what to do. After doing some online reading, I was brought to this site called Canna-Pet. I decided to give it a shot, and I am so thankful I did. This is our 2nd month using this product twice a day with Sasha. She is on the advanced large. In the past 2 months, she is a back to her old self! She plays, greets me when I get home, she EATS without puking, let me cut her toe nails, was not bothered at all by the fireworks, she literally has her personality back! I saw a change in her after her 1st couple of doses, I was amazed! I can not thank the Canna-Pet family enough!