Ferg's Breeds:

As empty-nesters, our beautiful 120 lb German Shepherd, Ferg, immediately became our beloved “kid.” He’s at my side practically every minute of every day and loves to snuggle in bed with us. Unfortunately, though, his orthopedist diagnosed him as a young puppy with severe genetic hip issues and gave us the sad news that he’d likely have to be put down by age 3 or 4 due to mobility and pain. A second orthopedist confirmed the original diagnosis.

But, with lots of healthy supplements and physical therapy over the years, Ferg proved them wrong and has lived an enthusiastic, high-energy life (those squirrels aren’t going to chase themselves!) We’ve been thrilled that he’s still a part of our lives at 9 years of age. A few months ago, though, he finally began to really go downhill more quickly with limited mobility and more discomfort. I learned of Canna-Pet and began giving Ferg the Advanced MaxCBD liquid 2-3 times a day. Because of his very large size, I do have to give a considerably larger dose, but I’m delighted with the results. It very noticeably takes the edge off his discomfort and calms him when he’s anxious. On days when he seems to be struggling more, I simply give him a larger or more frequent dose of the MaxCBD liquid. I wish I’d known about Canna-Pet years ago!