Sam's Breeds:

My foster border collie has a lot of anxiety which caused her to exhibit some aggressive behavior with my other dogs. The vet put her on an anti-anxiety drug, Clomicalm. We were unaware that it could upset her stomach. It caused her to get really sick. The vet took her off of the medication for a week to let her stomach calm down and wanted to start her back on it in a smaller dose for a week, then back up to the original dose. After thinking about it for a day or two, I decided to try the Canna-pet. I ordered Canna-pet Max and advanced. Missy has been on the Canna-pet Max for two days, twice a day and when she finishes loading with the Max then we will put her on the advanced. She hates rain and thunderstorms. Today she came to me instead of going into hiding. She lay down beside me and shivered for a little while because it was raining, but then she fell asleep. It is still raining and she is sound asleep as if all is well in her world. She would never have done that before taking the Canna-pet. I believe the Canna-pet is working on her anxiety.