Margarita's Breeds:

My dear dog, Margarita, has a squamous cell carcinoma tumor on the soft palate close to her tonsils. She was having a very hard time sleeping comfortably, she tossed and snored, and chocked in her sleep and several times during the day, when eating her food or going for a walk. One day after starting her on Canna-Pet, she started sleeping comfortably, without snoring or choking. She also doesn’t choke or has difficulty breathing during the day. The cancer has spread to her lymph nodes, and I am not sure Canna-Pet is doing anything to stop metastasis, but it is alleviating her symptoms, and that is very important to me and my dear dog’s quality of life. Her appetite has also increased, and this is equally important to me as she weighed only 7 Lbs and had lost 6 Oz. She has already gained her weight back.