Ryleigh's Breeds:

Upon hearing that Ryleigh was diagnosed with cancer; I was primarily concerned with her quality of life. Due to her age (10-13 years), as she was a rescued Weimaraner; I knew that chemo therapy was not the option that I was looking for. The cancerous lump on the left side of her neck was about the size of a hockey puck. After being referred to your product by a close friend, I knew I had to try something to help her lack of appetite. You know things are going downhill when a dog turns down bacon. Within four days of administering the drops; the tumor was completely gone. Her appetite came back better than ever! However, Ryleigh was diagnosed with lymphoma. It was only a matter of time before she passed. Her last month on this earth was spent eating steak and pork chops every day and going on her daily runs and hikes, like she always did. She certainly lasted a lot longer than she was expected to. I have nothing but great things to say about the product and have always made my friends aware of its value to the overall health of their pets and cost-cutting effects on drugs that don’t do much if anything at all for the comfort of your pet. There are plenty of great stories from my friends also; where cancerous tumors have not only disappeared, but stopped cancer dead in its tracks. I currently still utilize the oil to treat the dogs that I currently do have for problems that range from anxiety to joint problems. I am always more than happy to spread the word about your product!