Miah's Breeds:

I am writing to you in regards to your request for a testimonial. My dog Miah is a 9 year old pug. About 3 years ago my wife and I noticed she was having some mobility issues. She had a small accident when she was younger but it did not affect her everyday life. Her mobility issues are due to she has degenerative disk disease and has slowly been getting worse. There are not many treatment options for dogs with this problem. One is surgery that costs thousands of dollars (which I would be happy to spend) but that may not fix the issue and also there are always risks with surgery. So I searched high and low to find alternatives for my dog to help her out without pumping her full of medications. So I found the canna pet products online and decided to try them. She has now been using them for three years as a supplement. She gets them twice a day now. At first I didn’t think they might have been working but after a little time of her taking them she seemed to have more mobility and over all quality of life was improved. We are in the process of getting her some wheels to also help her out with getting around. I must say if anyone is in doubt about this product, DON’T BE!!! This product works miracles. It is a product that is made with hemp. People think that hemp is something that gets you “high” but it is the exact opposite. There is no psychoactive ingredients in these products because it is taken from CBD portion of the plant which has healing properties. I am a very satisfied customer and pet owner that would recommend this product to anyone that is having problems with their pets. Also I jut want to say thank you to all the folks at canna pet for their wonderful products.