Health Issues:
Popeye's Breeds:

When we adopted Popeye 5 and half years ago we never would have imagined the health issues we would face with him. He was a backyard breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier who at one and half needed surgery for his sever elbow dysplasia, then about a year later he tore his right rear ACL. He has been through physical therapy, we purchased an electromagnetic bed and he has weekly laser treatments, with all this he was still having trouble with arthritis and soreness. He would still have trouble getting up from a relaxed state without trouble. To add insult to injury he has digestive issues as well as anxiety. My husband found Canna-Pet while researching Popeye’s digestive issues online so we thought, “Why not?”. We ordered our first bottle and began giving Popeye 1 pill and I would say within the first couple of days we saw improvements. He wasn’t as limpy, and now almost 4 months later he is a new dog! He can get right up after sleeping or relaxing, he is running a lot easier with visibly less pain, his anxiety has improved as well. He would shake horribly with any loud noises and he is terrified of thunderstorms, it rained last night and nothing! We can’t express how happy we are with how far Popeye has come! We are so excited to see how much better he gets!