Health Issues:
Buck's Breeds:

Buck is our death row rescue and I think he saved us actually! When we adopted him he was really skinny, had no hair on the tip of tail and deemed vicious! He unfortunately was labeled with the typical Staffordshire Bull Terrier stigma. They couldn’t have been more wrong and boy are we glad we didn’t listen to them. Now he is fat and the happiest boy ever, all it took was a lot of love and Canna-Pet. Buck’s tail had missing hair because his allergies were so severe he would chew it as well as his feet to they were raw and bleeding. We switched his food to a grain free diet, added fish oil, yogurt and Benadryl. All of the above helped…well kinda. He would still chew his feet but not as severely. My wife and I did not like the idea of him living on Benadryl so in my research for Popeye I read about the benefits Canna-Pet has for allergies. We replaced the Benadryl with 2 pill each meal and almost instantly he stopped chewing his feet, even the eye boogers he would have every morning are gone. The only time he chews now is when it has wore off and its time for dinner. My wife and I are happy with Buck’s results and are a firm believer in Canna-Pet. We have put away the Benadryl forever.