Poco's Breeds:

Poco had 2 long lasting episodes the month of August. I had ordered the biscuit bundle, but he needed a larger dose. I was worried he wouldn’t like the oil/capsules because he’s a very picky eater! I’m on disability so it was hard to spend the money all at once to buy the capsules & oil, but I couldn’t bear to see him continue to suffer! I re-read where you recommended sprinkling capsules contents on his food & that he would hardly notice, as well as your money back guarantee & took advantage of the 25% off sale. You were right! He eats it without any hesitation & now we are almost 30 days into 1/2 – 1 capsule a day. Two weeks ago, he came up to me with that stressful vibe that precedes a seizure. I immediately put a drop of oil in his mouth & a second later he was acting fine. No shaking, no seizure, nothing. He likes to give me kisses on the nose, so occasionally I’ll put a drop on my nose & he licks it off, seems to be surprised, but he keeps kissing me! Thank you for this great product that you are able to stand behind!