Olaf's Breeds:

Olaf ‘s vet guesstimated him to be around 19. , when he was found collapsed in someone’s backyard in the dead of winter, as I do hospice, I agreed to take him, if he survived the hypothermia…he is an awesome little guy, and is very happy, I didn’t expect him ( neither did his vet) to be with me this long… Lee Stevens from Harlee’s Angels sent him some canna pet.. Long story short my little 19 + year old guy is going strong .. He gets around fine, when I got him he could barely walk he eats everything presented to him ….I believe it is due to the Canna-Pet, as that’s all he’s had, because the vet said there really is no treatment for him as he is old, and at the time had 0 body fat.. That was 8 months ago, and his condition has done nothing but improve… Thanks Canna-Pet.