Max's Breeds:

I removed Max from Tramadol and Rimadyl for moderate soft tissue and osteoarthritic changes including trauma to the cranial cruciate ligament and medially luxating patella approximately 3 weeks after his initial injury. I was very concerned about the long-term side effects of the prescription medications and searched for a more natural solution. I came across Canna-Pet online and decided to give it a try. Max progressed quickly and seemed to be in much less pain. I also noticed that he was able to get comfortable, sleeps better, and is less anxious. He loves all three flavors, especially the turkey dinner (I think it’s the cranberries). Max can’t wait for treat time and sits below the Canna Biscuit jar waiting for his biscuit. He is back to his normal and fun-loving self and we will be continuing the Canna-biscuits forever. I strongly recommend Canna-Pet!