Health Issues:
Olina's Breeds:

Olina – the goofiest, snuggliest and velvetiest dog (or hippo..cow..piglet..Shamu..seal..) – and I found each other by destiny in 2015. The first year of her life before we were together was extremely difficult and landed her in a high kill shelter. Fast forward two years and not a day goes by where this happy little girl isn’t smothered with love. Despite our wonderful life of adventures & constant kisses, anxiety has still played a major part in her life. After extended use of prescription anxiety meds for her, not only was I not happy with the results but I knew something had to change with what I was putting into her body. Ta Da, Canna-Pet! We started with Max pills and now graduated to the Max biscuits instead and have had amazing results. Olina has peace but also complete energy and joyfulness. Anxiety isn’t peeking at her around every corner anymore. And we have been able to ween her off the prescription! We are officially on board with this plan and truly grateful for Canna-Pet. Next up, the regular biscuits!