Buddha Humphrey Ghent

Buddha Humphrey Ghent's Breeds:

His name is Buddha Humphrey Ghent. As you can see from his picture he’s epically adorable and also awkwardly proportioned. I like to tell myself his chest has to be as big as it is because a smaller shoulder span could not hold a heart as large as his. He has no idea that he is short in stature with his 11 inch legs and his long body back that has to carry 44 pounds. In January of 2015 Buddha was recovering from his third episode of ivdd and our worst fear came true. He ruptured his L1 and L2 disc in his back. He had to undergo emergency surgery and once they had him open they realized he had severed blood vessels and was bleeding internally. He spent months on heavy grade pharmaceuticals that would take even a grown adult to their knees with the dosing regimen . Knowing that he couldn’t live like this we knew there had to be something better for him and that’s when we found Canna pet. after watching the light dim in our dog’s eyes and spirit from all of the Pharmaceuticals he was on, we are relieved that there was an alternative to help manage his daily discomfort. His life has completely changed for the better and again he has no idea what his limitations are which can be a little scary but it is also that tenacity that he continues to heal from his back issues. He will never be the same as he was before his rupture but he will never go without Canna pet and I wanted to thank you.