Mouser & Squirt

Our story with Canna-Pet began in 2013 when Mouser suffered from severe urinary tract problems. Our veterinarian suggested Canna-Pet for him so we ordered it and gave it a try in an attempt to calm tension levels in the house. Although our cats do not get into actual fur-flying fights, Squirt made it be known under no uncertain terms that she will not tolerate any slights to her throne. Her first action upon entering a room was to make sure that Mouser was ousted from wherever he was relaxing. Although our vet suggested Canna-Pet for Mouser we opted to give it to Squirt instead, thinking that she needed to settle down and we wanted to see if it would calm her need for dominance in the household. It worked! She calmed down, relaxed, and is enjoying shared space with Mouser without aggression as you can see in the photo above.

Squirt’s story doesn’t end there though, in the summer of 2015 she became critically ill with a problem that could not be diagnosed, even with extensive testing and exploratory surgery to rule out blockage, she continued to vomit and refused to eat. I hand-fed her for close to 6 weeks to keep her from going into liver failure. After close to a month of this it occurred to me that Canna-Pet, which I had discontinued when her health challenges began, might help Squirt to recover her appetite and help with the nausea, something that was badly needed since she still wasn’t eating on her own yet. I began to give Squirt Canna-Pet again and her appetite began to recover, she wasn’t eating on her own yet but she wasn’t fighting her feeding sessions either. Then one morning, after about a week, we woke to find her eating on her own and she’s been fine since then. Later we found that Squirt’s near death experience was due to eating parts of a clematis. I would never suggest bypassing veterinary care, especially for something critical like this was, but I am confident that Canna-Pet helped her to recover her health after the toxicity of the clematis was out of her system.

Thank you for the excellent product, it has made a difference in our lives!