Health Issues:
Meika's Breeds:

Meika was diagnosed with aggressive oral melanoma in August 2016. After being informed we immediately chose to have the local tumor removed that day. We were advised the best bet for a longer life was partial upper jaw removal. We were concerned about how that would impact her quality of life so we consulted with 3 other vets, one specifically specializing in cancer. Given Meika’s age (13 at the time) and the aggressive nature of the cancer, the vet said we should expect no more than 3-6 more months with her. Naturally, this news was unsettling. After a week of restless nights and extensive research we decided to decline surgery and pursue natural options. We knew it was a stretch, but we were willing to roll the dice if it meant we could preserve Meika’s quality of life. Knowing that she would have to find peace with cancer, our top priority was to ensure she was not in pain and receiving nourishment that would help her heal vs. feed and encourage the growth of cancer cells. We explored many options, but ultimately found success in the combination of a homemade and balanced organic diet, acupuncture, and Canna-Pet supplements. It will be a year next month and at just over 14 years old Meika couldn’t be more enthusiastic about meal time and is now sleeping through the night as Canna-Pet supplements offered her pain relief. We love that Canna-Pet is embracing and encouraging natural remedies and are grateful to have found this as a solution for Meika. Thank you!