Health Issues:
Morrie's Breeds:

I’m not 100% sure how old Morrie is, as he was full grown when we rescued him, but I think he’s 11. He was picked up wandering the streets, alone, and no one knew his back-story. He was and is extremely sweet. Everybody loves Morrie, and Morrie loves everybody. When we got him home from the shelter, he had seizures frequently. With regular meals, walks and cuddles, the frequency of seizures diminished greatly, but never totally abated. He also has hypothyroid, and can become very anxious when left alone. he’s also gotten pretty limpy with arthritis, in spite of giving him Deramax and joint supplements daily. Morrie doesn’t really like going for walks. It’s like sensory overload for him. He likes being at home, where its safe and quiet and he knows where everything is. I tried Canna-pet after feeling like the Trazadone he was prescribed for his separation anxiety made him kind of depressed. I was recommended to give it to him by an animal empath, as it would help him with pain, seizures, anxiety, etc. When I ran out of the first bottle, I noticed more limping and perhaps a bit more confusion about stairs, etc. (his seizures have resulted in him having a kind of depth perception issue – he doesn’t quite judge properly, so now I carry him (like a big bag of sweet potatoes!) up and down stairs. Anyway, I love my big boy and want him to be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, I’m getting more canna-pet today and in fact, am going to try raising the dose to see if it helps even more. Thank-you for helping me love Morrie as best I can. 🙂