My Wilford (cat, 14+ years old) has a long history of orthopedic and digestive woes, vomiting a lot and eventually rejecting food. Besides not feeling well but still wanting to eat, he would look at his food and walk away. Vet after vet all said the same thing; told me to plan for the “end”. Feeling pretty rotten and rejected, we were excited- actually ecstatic- when we heard about Canna-Pet. We started with the small capsules and within an hour Wills started chowing down- Amazing! Formerly having rejected any decent quality food, Wills started to try new, species appropriate food and here we are 4 years later, running around like a 16 year old on most days! We’re now dealing with kidney disease, heart disease and spondylosis with probable nerve impingement requiring daily pain med. Rather than being sedated all the time, we’re using less pain med and supplementing with both the capsules (doesn’t like it mixed in food) plus the liquid, and on most days, seeing super results. We still have our off days when we need more pain med but overall, we have a good balance. Going forward won’t be easy with his complex diseases, but for sure we can say this is the best he’s felt in his lifetime! We are grateful- truly grateful- for Canna-Pet because in spite of many vets telling us Wills was toast, he’s still rocking on. Now when we have checkups, we PROUDLY let everyone around us know that we use Canna-Pet hemp therapy and they should too.