Health Issues:

My 10 year old/9lb female cat (Maxie) was recently diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. She has advanced kidney disease, so prescribing fewer medications and keeping her anxiety level to a minimum is very important. My veterinarian prescribed Canna-pet CBD for cats to help with the pain, urgency and anxiety (she is also taking antibiotics). I began with the recommended one serving per day and, after one day, decided to add a 2nd serving (she is currently getting one in the morning and one in the evening). She is social, she isn’t sluggish and she is able to relax and sleep, rather than pace back and forth to the litter box. She is a finicky eater and I was concerned that she would refuse her food with the Canna-pet mixed in (she eats canned K/D). Fortunately, she is eating her food (I do sprinkle a probiotic with a strong smell on top to encourage her). I contacted customer service and Jacob answered my question in three minutes! I couldn’t be happier with Canna-pet and their customer care! I have also started giving it to my 2nd cat to help relieve her anxiety and am about to place an order for more Canna-pet. Thank you!