Marshall's Breeds:

Two years ago, we adopted an 8 year old Pit Bull mix. Marshall had been bounced around the shelter system for a while. He’s been in our local shelter for several months with nobody even looking at him. We weren’t looking for a 4th dog, but we couldn’t leave him there.We adopted him, took him to our vet and was given the lists of his issues. Sty, tumor on his neck, ear infections, skin infection, arthritis in his hips and basically, his knees aren’t where they belong. The vet fixed what she could (sty, tumor) and with medicated baths and other treatments, we got the skin and ears cleared up. We started him on  joint supplements and over time, he stopped dragging his hind legs and could actually run! But he still hurt sometimes and would whine in the evenings. We tried traditional pain meds, as well as injections, but neither really seemed to help. Then, one day, I was googling and came across Canna-Pet and decided to give it a try. I got some biscuits and capsules. Once I received my order, I gave Marshall 3 cookies for his after dinner snack. That evening, he lay in his bed with no whining. I tried it on our dog, Frankie, who gets scared of fireworks. This was the most peaceful 4th of July we’ve had in her 6 years. Tried it on our super timid little dog, Rikki, and she is much braver. I’ve also started giving some to our eldest dog, Rosie and am seeing good results.