Marley's Breeds:

Marley suffers from multiple ailments glaucoma, gastritis, fear agression, but we decided to try Canna Pet because of her progressive arthritis. She was walking with great difficulty, she was limping. We started Marley with a low dose of the Canna Pet advanced Max liquid on November 21st, 2017, and we are happy to report that Marley’s mobility has improved considerably in this short period of time. She used to spend the entire day in bed, sleeping away her pain, but now she wants to go outside, backyard and to pick up the mail with us in the front yard even if it is snowing!
Marley seems happier and less in pain. She is more active and alert. We will keep giving Marley Canna Pet products and spreading the word. I wished I had known about your products before. I learned about them after reading an article on internet.