Buster's Breeds:

My sweet boy is a 10-year-old Labrador mix… When Buster was six months old he had his first hip surgery because he was born with hip dysplasia… Second surgery was six months later. The surgeries were a big success, but as the years went by I noticed sweet Buster had decreased mobility and an increase in pain… Started medicating him with tramadol, but it seemed like we were just putting a Band-Aid on the pain and I wanted to try something different. I am a registered nurse always taken pride in doing adequate research before starting anything with my animals. I have a friend that owns a dispensary in Sacramento California and she is the one that suggested hemp oil as an alternative… Something without THC to assist him in having a quality life.

I found cannapet and things started changing! His appetite has improved; his mobility has improved; his pain has decreased; his mood has improved!

I’m so happy I found canna pet and Buster is too!