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My name is Lilly. My parents rescued my sister and I when we were 10 weeks old and for the past 13 years I’ve been romping all across the United States. I’ve chilled out in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, looked for aliens at Devil’s Tower and rolled in the huge sand dunes along Lake Michigan. But, my favorite place to be is at home in New Hampshire. I’ve been spotted body surfing at the beach, chasing ducks on the bay and hiking the White Mountains. Lately I’ve slowed down a bit and my sister now watches from heaven. But, in my mind I’m still a pup. So, when my back end wasn’t so cooperative, my parents started to supplement my diet with some great things including Canna-Pet. It took about a month before I could get up the stairs to snuggle at night, but we were all patient and crossed our fingers (paws). Although I may never get to grab goodies off the counter again, I’m just super content that I can go on hikes, swims, mud baths, and squirrel chases without being in pain. Thanks for reading, now go give your pup a big hug.