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Jack, his two sisters, and parents were found in a swampy remote area of South Carolina hungry and covered in their own fifth. The family was confiscated as part of a cruelty case and taken to a local shelter to recover. I adopted Jack when he was about 16 months old. Being raised in a shelter and have never spent time in the ‘real world,’ Jack was afraid of everything and his anxiety shot through the roof over every little thing. After months of training and patience, Jack went from tail-tucking, pancake-walking, fearful pibble to walking comfortably (and marking) on main streets! He is still shy of new situations but he has come so incredibly far since his first few months in his forever home learning how to dog. Canna-Pet helps Jack in situations that would otherwise be incredibly stressful for him. It’s been a huge help in his everyday life to sustain his confidence-building and in conquering his fears 🙂