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This is my Nell. There are no words in the dictionary that completely do her justice. I found her in 2008 and we bonded instantly. She is my best friend. At the end of March of this year, I took her to the vet for her annual lab work. I’m always nervous since she is 15, but she has always done so well that I wasn’t suspecting anything bad to come about. The vet called me a few days later and said everything looked good, but she was a little anemic so he wanted to do abdominal X-rays to check for a splenic mass. Of course I immediately scheduled them for the next day. The X-rays showed a very large mass attached to Nell’s spleen. I was devastated. In all my years working as a veterinary technician, I knew that this was bad.Instead of giving up on my best friend, I chose to fight for her. We had an abdominal ultrasound done a few days later to confirm the mass. At the same time they did chest X-rays to make sure there was no metastatic spots. They saw a spot on her lung. I panicked. After researching I came across the Canna-Pet site and ordered it immediately. Surgery day came. The mass was 10cm in size. But she breezed through surgery and recovery beautifully. At this point, her Canna-Pet had arrived. I started it the day after surgery. I have never seen a dog bounce back that fast. Especially at 15. She acted a million times better than she did before the surgery. Within two days she was off all pain medication, she was eating, she was like her old self but better. The mass in her abdomen ended up being benign, which never happens by the way, and the spot on her lung has not changed in 4 months. She is Canna-Pet pooch for life. This product gave me my girl back at just the right time and for that I am eternally thankful!!