King Stephen

King Stephen's Breeds:

King Stephen was getting around stiff and showing his age at 10.5 being a king Charles Spaniel, he has had his issues. I started him on the Canna-Pet products and he has really changed. From his digestive system, more energy, less stiffness, and overall better health. As he has aged, he is now scared of storms. I make sure he has the oil and it helps settle him. Well, I live in Hollywood Florida and recently we evacuated north to Ocala with friends from Hurricane Irma. We had to stay at a strange place in a bedroom most of the time. It took us 11.5 hrs to go a 4.5 hour trip. we stayed 5 nights. and it took us 9 hrs to come back to Hollywood with no power for 5 days. The storm ended up hitting Ocala bad too so we didn’t really escape but go thru it in a strange place. Since Stephen being on Canna-pet, we made it thru with flying colors. He got the runs one day, but quickly returned to normal.. I really don;t know what we would of done if not for this product. I feel like it was a savior.