Health Issues:
Tiny's Breeds:

About a year ago Tiny started having seizures. Tiny is my great Dane, just out of nowhere so we did everything they were supposed to do we took him to the doctor we did the bloodwork nothing vet said to take him to a specialist we did we did the MRI we did the spinal tap we did everything no infection he’s perfectly healthy the brain is healthy Doc says late onset epilepsy. I was devastated the seizures takes so much out of him it was so hard for me to watch him suffer through seizure after seizure the medication they gave him at the vet was terrible he was lethargic he couldn’t walk he was just drooling everywhere. My Tiny, he’ll be nine on November 8 and I thought this is no way for him to live out the best years of his life, so my daughter started working for a dispensary here in California and she says mom did you know they have hemp for dogs I was like no I did not know that. First I was very hesitant just waiting for another seizure to come finally she just brought me home a bottle and we tried it he had one or two seizures after we started using the Canna-Pet he has been seizure free now for six months. We also have a German shepherd mix Angel she’s 14 years old her hips are not even in the socket the vet does not know how she’s walking I give her canna pet 2 a day she bounces around like a bunny rabbit she is living out the best years of her life pain-free thank you canna pet you have saved my doggies lives you don’t know how much that means to me my dogs are my world thank you again.