Joe Joe

My dog Joe Joe, a Heeler, is getting up in age. Joe Joe has severe arthritis, anxiety, allergies and stomach problems and just random pain all over. He had several leg and joint surgeries years ago and now the arthritis in those areas bother him all day. He is on several medications from the Vet for pain. The Vet recommended trying Canna-Pet a couple of years ago and I did and loved the way Joe Joe felt relief. More recently I ordered some Canna-Pet Max oil drops. I noticed about the time Joe Joe would get sick after a meal and look to throw up I would give him a couple of drops of the oil. He would go lay down and the nausea would go away. This oil not only relieves the nausea but it relaxes him and helps with his panting when he feels uncomfortable or anxious. I am going camping on a cross country trip in a few weeks and I am taking my three dogs, including Joe Joe on the trip. I will be sure to take the Canna-Pet Max and thank you for such a wonderful product!!!!