Harry Potter

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Harry Potter's Breeds:

Our oldest dog, Harry Potter, is a small terrier mix. He is just over 13 years old and was getting very crabby. We could see that he hurt all of the time. After hearing a human relative talk about how much better they feel after using CBD oil products, we decided to look into the option a little more seriously for Harry. The biscuits work great for him! He is no longer so crabby and will sometimes still move around and play like a much younger dog. He is currently only using the biscuits. We were giving him 2 per day but then he started having some constipation issues that seemed to clear up after we backed him up to one biscuit per day in the morning. His pain level still seems very reduced. We are so happy with the biscuits! Also he is allergic to chicken so we chose the peanut butter and apple biscuits for him. He loves them so much! Tried to get a good picture for you. Here are the results. In the last one he is licking the bag in the box window. I guess he wanted to show you how much he loves them, too!