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Dorybella's Breeds:

DoryBella is a loving, wonderful 14 and 1/2 yr old Chow Chow/Sheltie mix. She was taking Carprofen NSAID for arthritis pain, but then stopped eating. I could hear her stomach rumble but she refused food and seemed anxious. Her diet is grain-free kibble and lots of high-quality protein. I started giving her Canna-Pet MaxCBD Maple Bacon biscuits, one in the morning and one in the evening, and stopped giving her the NSAID. It was more of a “Hail Mary” than anything else. Wow! The transformation in her has been astounding – she eats, she sleeps, her legs have stopped shaking, she has a spring in her step that I haven’t seen for over a year. She’s been on the MaxCBD for two months and is holding steady. Thank you for your product. You have helped my beloved dog live a much happier life in her golden years.