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Jack's Breeds:

This is the second time I’ve used Canna-Pet. First time was almost 2yrs ago with my 12yr old German Shepherd mix that had cancer. They gave her 2 months to live. So I found this site and bought everything I could. She ended up living for almost a year after and happy as could be the whole time!

But now we are using it for our 11yr old German Shepherd Jack. He was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy which is a spine disease and there is no cure so I want him as comfy as he could be. And he has a new found fear of the stairs since his legs aren’t working well. So I started him on the Canna-Pet and now he goes up and down the stairs without crying or shaking. And he just seems all around better feeling. He’s a big old scaredy-cat that has responded great to the Canna-Pet Advanced pills just like my dog before. I really can’t say enough great things about this company. They even did a rush shipment to me when I made a mistake while shopping on their site. I didn’t want him to run out so I sent a email and within minutes they emailed me back that they fixed it all for me and I got it right away! And again both my old dogs responded great to it. They just seemed all around more happy and comfortable for their old age. I want to thank this site for helping 2 old dogs live very comfy happy lives.